Select a Leader to be a teacher. Have them rant about their students always being late, and never caring. Choose 7 scouts to be the student and 1 scout to be Pebbles.

The scouts will say:

1. I was throwing pebbles off a cliff
2. I was throwing pebbles under a freight train
3. I was throwing pebbles through a window
4. I was throwing pebbles into a nuclear test field
5.I was backing over pebbles with my Lamborghini
6. Same as him, but with my Hummer H1
7. I was throwing Pebbles down the KYBO.

A very dirty kid drags himself in (preferably someone who is covered with mosquito bites) and when the teacher asks "Who are you?" he replies "I'm Pebbles", and faints.




Get someone dirty.

Skit ContributorThe Unknown Scout


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