A group of boys are lying on their backs looking upward.

Boy #1: “Look!” He points upward. “That one looks like a rooster wearing a top hat.”

Boy #2: “Hey!” He also points upward. “There’s an elephant on roller skates.”

Boy #3: “Look! That’s an alligator driving a school bus!”

Boy #4: “Skinny Santa Clause!”

Boy #5: “There’s Darth Vader doing the limbo!”

Boy #6: “That one looks like cotton candy!”

Some of the boys lift their heads to look at boy #6, so he adds-

“Being eaten by a blue dragon!”

Boy #7: “Oooh look! It’s a one-eared Mickey Mouse with a chainsaw!

The boys on either side of boy #7 scoot a little further away from him.

Boy #8: “Hey, It’s a Bear in a tuxedo!”

Boys #9 and #10 walk into the scene.

Boy #9: “What are you guys doing?”

Boy #1: “Using our imaginations to find clouds that look like different things.”

Boys #9 and #10 look up and then at each other.

Boy #10: “Um, you know you’re inside, lying on a floor, right? There are no clouds in

Boy #1: “Like I said, we’re using our I M A G I N A T I O N S. DUH!

The two boys look at each other, shrug, and join the rest of the boys on the floor.




(This was written for 10 boys, but it would work for more or less also.)

Skit ContributorThe Unknown Scout


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