Starting Lawnmowers Big Jerks



Two boys on the floor hunched over. One scout trying to start the two lawnmovers. The two lawnmowers make some puttering sounds, some noises like they are trying to start, but cough and sputter. In the back a boy could be explaining that the scout is having a hard time trying to start the movers. The talker explains the scout is having such a hard time starting he needs someone from the audience. "The Lawnmover starter then turns to the auidence and says he needs help", so he goes and chooses couple scout leaders, and has them try to start the mowers. The leaders in no time get the two lawn mowers to run (mowers make a lot of noise). The talker then asks the lawnmower starter why the mowers started so easy with the scoutleaders and not him. "He loudly proclaims that all it took was couple of big jerks to get the mowers started".




Practice a little so can be heard

Skit ContributorJustin Wick Trooop 510


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