Snap Light Bulb



This a spelling test that gets harder with each word. Scout #2 must snap his fingers over his head and say light bulb when he spells a word correctly.
Scout 1 This a easy test the first word is "DO"
scout 2 spells "D O' and snaps his fingers over his head and says "light bulb"
scout 1 please spell "DOG"
scout2 complies
scout 1 spell "door"
scout 2 complies
scout 1 this is going to be a little harder Spell the word "image"
scout #2 says I M A G E snap fingers over his head and says light bulb"
scout 1 says "you are a GE light bulb?


two scouts


scouts must know types of light bulbs like Sylvania and GE

Skit Contributorrobert fulford


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