Plumber And The Parrot



Scout #1 at home calls on the phone for a plumber. When he hangs up the phone rings and scout #1 answers it and says to the audience "it is an emergency and he has to leave before the plumber arrives". Scout #2 comes and knocks on the door. The Parrot answers "Who is it". the plumber says its the plumber. No answer so the plumber knocks again. this happens about 4 times. Finanaly on the 5th time the pumber yells its the plumber and falls to the floor. Scout #3 & 4 See him on the floor and one says "Who is it"? The parrot answers "Its the Plumber!"


a make belive phone


5 scouts:
one scout has taught his parrot to answer the door by saying "Who is it?" before he opens it

you need a scout in the house, a scout to say ring ring for the phone and a scout to be the parrot, a scout to be the plumber, two scouts to see the plumber on the floor

Skit Contributorrobert fulford


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