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Announcer:Ladies (depending where you are) and Gentlemen you have come today to see these two brave young people get from this side of the fire(points to the left side of the fire)to this side of the fire (points the the right side of the fire) First we will see (insert scouts name here) go first.

Scout 1 runs up to the fire screams/yells and then runs away.

Announcer: Well that didnt go as planned well no matter, time for our second contestant (insert scouts name here) can he make it?

Scout 2 runs up to the fire yells/screams and runs away.

The Announcer (slightly angery): How hard is it to do this?! (he walks from the left point around the fire to the right point)

Then take a bow u did a great job!


1 scout to be the announcer, then 2 more scouts to be the bravest men (or women).


Have your two scouts get in a line a few feet away from the fire. Have your announcer get everyone quiet.

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