The monkey



(The 4 scouts in the car and the monkey run in then fall down, but the monkey still stands)
(the police officer walks on the stage)

Officer: Well it looks like we had a car crash here, and the only survivor is the monkey.

(walks over to the monkey)

Officer: Well monkey can you tell me what the Dad was doing?

(monkey acts like he's drinking)

Officer: Drinking?

(monkey nods)

Officer: Well what was the Mom doing?

(monkey points finger and acts like he's nagging)

Officer: Nagging?

(monkey nods)

Officer: Well what was the brother doing?

(monkey starts punching the the air)

Officer: Fighting?

(monkey nods)

Officer: Well what was the sister doing?

(monkey puts arms in front of his face)

Officer: Defending herself?

(Monkey nods)

Officer: And what were you doing monkey?

(monkey acts like he's driving)

Officer: You were driving?

(monkey nods)

(Officer runs off stage yelling while being followed by the monkey)


none, unless you want to use two wigs.


4 scouts in a imaginary car
1 scout as a monkey
1 scout as a police officer

Skit Contributor yellow_oak


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