The Weary Hiker Skit



Narrator: Along the Appalachian Trail every so often there are shelters, large Lean-tos, for those hiking the trail. In this skit, A Scout sits as if in front of the Shelter and a second Scout comes hiking by.

Second Scout: Hi! Wow! I didn’t think I’d make it this far!

First Scout: [Stays silent but nods a greeting]

Second Scout: [Looks around the campsite and shelter] Hey, where does that side trail go?

First Scout: I dunno. It’s been there since I got here.

Second Scout: [Looks puzzled] Well… Looks like it’ll be dark soon.

First Scout: Yep. It gets late early here sometimes.

Second Scout: [Looks puzzled again] Yeah… Well… Guess, I better make camp for the night, then. Do you mind if I share the shelter with you?

First Scout: You can’t sleep here.

Second Scout: Why not?

First Scout: The roof leaked last night and I got the only dry spot.

Second Scout: Why didn’t you put a tarp over the roof?

First Scout: It was raining!

Second Scout: It stopped raining this morning. Why didn’t you put a tarp over the roof, today?

First Scout: The roof wasn’t leaking today.

Second Scout: [shakes head] Never mind, I can sleep out under the stars. Seen any bears?

First Scout: Sure, I’ve been to the zoo.

Second Scout: No, I mean around here.

First Scout: Don’t be silly. There ain’t any zoos around here for miles and miles!

Second Scout: Not zoos…! Bears!...Here! BEARS!...HERE!

First Scout: No thanks, I try to avoid bears. Does the Park Ranger know you’re trying to sell bears?

Second Scout: [getting exasperated] But... I’m not trying to sell bears… [shakes head] Look, could I cook something over your fire?

First Scout: I guess so. I don’t think your food would cook real good under it.

Second Scout: No. I mean…

First Scout: And it’d be real dangerous. I mean, you’d probably burn yourself.

Second Scout: No… I …

First Scout: I know some First Aid, but you’d be in real trouble if you got burned really bad.

Second Scout: But…

First Scout: Yep. If I were you, I’d try cooking over the fire first before I tried any of that fancy type cooking you’re talking about.

Second Scout: I wasn’t… [Closes eyes to clear his thoughts] Fine. Thanks for the advice. [starts to cook]

First Scout: Hope you brought enough food for you AND your bears.

Second Scout: But, I don’t have any…

First Scout: Well, don’t look at me, I ain’t feeding no bears. Feeding ‘ems your problem.

Second Scout: Look...

First Scout: You know, if you don’t feed ‘em, they’ll get angry. You always bring angry bears to your camp sites?

Second Scout: Will you just forget about the bears!

First Scout: Hardly likely I’ll be forgetting about angry bears. How’m I supposed to get any sleep with angry bears in my camp site?

Second Scout: But… [deep sigh]… Do you know how far it is along the trail to the next town? [Starts to pack up and resume hiking]

First Scout: Another five miles.

Second Scout: [Starts to hike off…] Maybe it’s best if I push on to town and rent a room for the night.

First Scout: [As the other Scout leave the “stage”, he calls after him] That’s up to you, but they don’t allow pets…


A couple of backpacks. Some pots to simulate cooking.


Skit Contributor Mr. D


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