Welcome to Flight X



Pilot: Welcome aboard flight 24, We will be taking off soon.

Co-Pilot to Pilot: I will run through the pre-flight check list

Pilot: Ok
10 second pause (nobody talks but everyone pretends to look out windows of plane )

(Everyone start to bounce up and down – pretending the flight is bumpy)

Passenger 1: – Looks out window – Wow look at how small everything is down there!

Passenger 2: I don’t feel so good!

Passenger 3: Where is the Stewardess? I’m starving!

Passenger 4: This flight is way too bumpy! I don’t feel good!

(All passengers pretend to be sick and pull out air sickness bags) – Now pretend to barf!

Passenger 5: When is this flight going to end???

Passenger 6: Let me out! This flight is horrible!

Passenger 7: I’m never going to use this airline again!

Passenger 8: Did the pilot get his license from a Cracker Jack box???

Passenger 9: I need water!

Passenger 10: I need another air sickness bag!

Pilot: Ok, We have been cleared to take off please buckle your seat belts and enjoy the flight!

The joke is everyone went through all this turmoil yet the plane hadn’t even left the ground yet.
By: Michael Werdin (Webelos II Pack 24 - New Freedom PA)


Chairs - Two columns of chairs to simulate a passenger jet. Front two chairs are Pilot and Co-Pilot


Webelos Den Leader - This skit is about flight. (this can be used for pack meeting or Blue and Gold with flight theme.
You can make cardboard sides along the seats to look like a plane. Pilot and Co-pilot should have some cut out or round object to simulate steering wheel.

Skit Contributor Michael Werdin


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