scout 1:I killed a man.
scout 2:You killed a man.
scout 1:Yes I killed a man,
scout 2:well what was his name?
scout 1:Zinzinbar.
scout 2:zinzinbar?
scout 1:yes zinzinbar.
scout 2:well how do you spell it?
scout 1:Zin-zin-bar(use hand motions when saying this)
scout 2:Zin-zin-bar?
scout 1:yes zin-zin-bar.
scout 2:You fool that was my bother!!
scout 1:But what!we meet at the two great oaks and i being the better man shot first.then i when up to him and i said i killed a man(start over do it about 4-6 the croud will get bored of hearing it then two scouts run screaming something about being quite then pick them up and run off stage.)




be able to say your lines without hesitation.

Skit Contributor planetpanda


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