Where's the Pollen



The friend explains the game to the sad camper.

The sad camper has to act as the "bee," run around the friend 3 times then ask, "where's the pollen?"

Meanwhile, the friend acting as "the flower," should have a mouthful of water from the canteen while the "bee" is circling the flower.

After the third time around, the camper stops to ask "where's the pollen?" The friend/flower spits in their face!

The sad camper gets outraged! But the friend offers to play again. They play again.

Same result; "Where's the pollen?" *SPIT!*

The sad camper suggests, "Why don't we switch roles?" The friend agrees. The sad camper takes a swig from their friend's canteen, handing it back to the friend.

And so, the friend buzzes around 3 times, and waits. Keeps waiting till the point where the sad camper spits out their water to shout: "You're supposed to say 'where's the pollen!?'"

The friend splashes the canteen on the sad camper.


Canteen filled with water and 2 scouts


One camper is down in the dumps, says they're having a horrible time at camp. Their friend (bearing the canteen) comes along and tries to cheer them up with an age-old game of "Where's the Pollen."

Skit Contributor Up4Eagle94


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