3 minute drill



The three boys behind the curtain/door come out in the open and then go back behind the door. The audience in front must guess and write down which point of the scout law is depicted all within 3 minutes.

A scout is trustworthy (Make up visual image)
A scout is brave (wears a feather)
A scout is loyal (wears a roylal purple shirt)
A scout is friendly ( he goes around shaking hands)
helpful (picks up scout book and hands to scout in audience)
courteous (says thank you thank you many times)
kind (Helps a scout with achair)
obedient (says yes sir over and over)
cheerful (smiles a big grin)
thrifty (Puts money in pocket)
clean( (Pretends to wash his hands)
reverent (carries a book (bible) ariound)

The idea is to test the scouts on the scout law.


3 boys behind a door. They will come out (One or two at a time) and try to have the audience guess which point of the scout law they are.


Boys of troop sit in front of curtain/door so they can not see behind it. They have paper and pencils.

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