Pass the Pepper



Participants line up facing audience. Participant on one end hollers "Pass the 'pehpeh'" in his best hillbilly accent. This message is passed down the line. At the other end of the line the Quartermaster sends the Black Pepper back down the line with the message "Here's the 'pehpeh'". One reaching the requester he hollers "I don't want no 'Black pehpeh'". This message is passed back down the line, another kind of pepper is returned, and so on until all of the props are exhausted. When the last kind of pepper fails, the Quartermaster hollers, "Well what kind of 'pehpeh' do you want". This message is passed down the line. Finally, the 'pehpeh' requester shouts, "I want the 'toilet pehpeh'"


Black pepper, chili powder, green peppers, red peppers and any others you can round up.


Is best with about 5 participants, but numbers can vary.

Skit ContributorWarren Wilderson


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