Stealing Christmas



*(Grinch slides in through the fire place)

Grinch: Shhh...I hate's so merry and loud and smiley!

*(Cindy-Lou Who walks in drinking her water; grinch starts to bag up chrismas tree)

Cindy-Lou: Excuse me, sir, what are you doing with our Christmas tree?

Grinch:(coughing) I'm taking it down to my factory where it will be prepared. It's broken.

Cindy-Lou: Oh, well, sir, if you're sure about that. I need more water pretty please, sir!

*(Grich fills up Cindy-Lou's water cup{pretend}, and shoves her off to bed)

Grinch: Good-night little child!

*(Grich finishes packing the tree and presents and leaves)


Fully green outfit; whoever plays the grinch will wear this. Pajamas; whoever plays Cindy-Lou Who will wear this. Cardboard box shaped like a fireplace; grinch will slide out of. Cheap cup; Cindy-Lou Who will pretend to drink water out of this. Fake tree with fake presents underneath; Grinch will try to steal this. Bags; Grinch will stuff stuff he steals in these.


Grinch will be sliding in through the pretend 'fireplace', which will be the cardboard box. Cindy-Lou Who will than walk in and begin her part.

Skit ContributorC H


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