Guy #1 enters, goes to the center. He starts jumping side to side at a quick pace, shouting "21" with each jump. Keep jumping throughout the entire skit unless the script says to stop.
After a few times, guy #2 enters. He walks in like he's enjoying the walk, and notices guy #1. He acts mildly surprised, and curious.
Guy #2: Uh...what are you doing?
Guy #1 (matter-of-factly): Jumping over railroad tracks.
[awkward silence. Guy #1 continues jumping and shouting "21". Guy #2, look at audience quizzically.]
Guy #2: Well...can I join you?
Guy #1: Sure!
[Both start jumping back and forth.]
[suddenly] Train: Chugga chugga chugga WOO WOO!!!
[Train sprints onto stage, hits guy #2. Time it to hit guy #2 in the air so he flies far away. The harder the hit, the better. Guy #1 leaps nimbly to the side and watches.]
[after train leaves] Guy #1: Ahaha! HAHAHA! Ah...
[resumes jumping]: 22...22...


At least five actors. Seven works best.


There are three roles.

1] Guy jumping on tracks
2] Newcomer
3] Train [3-5 people]


Speak loudly enough for people to hear!

Skit ContributorThe Unknown Scout


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