Colitis (scout 1):Hi Doc!
Doctor (scout 2):Hello Colitis.
Colitis: how did the tests go?
Doctor: not so good. you see, i have good news, bad news and worse news. which would you like to here 1st?
Colitis: i'll take the bad news.
Doctor: Well this is kind of sad to say but...(pauses for a few seconds and Colitis Stares at doctor like, :-I) ... you have 24 hours to live.
Colitis: WOW!!! thats not that far away! how can the other news be worse than this!?
Doctor: Well Thats the hard part...i meant to get ahold of you yesterday.
Colitis: WHAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!! Mabye the good news is that the tests were wrong!
Doctor. Not Quite. The good news is that i just saved $250 by switching to GEICO! Isn't that great?
Colitis: NO!!! (colitis drops dead)
Doctor: hate to say i told you so!!!


1.)a camp matress or some surface to lay on.
2.)Clip board with paper/pen (optional).
3.)2 scouts.



Skit ContributorTroop 162 Southbury


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