She Called me


She Called me


Two cell phones, and minimum 3 scouts.


Have One phone on stage with Volume all the way up, and the other phone somewhere behind the crowd call one and then hang up after the person on stage with the phone picks up. This skit is best done while something is going on, to make it seem like an actual moment rather than a skit.


While two scouts are on stage for what ever reason, the cell phone rings. SP-scout on stage with phone SS-Supporting scout on stage. The SP on stage picks up. SP: Hello, Hey hows it going SS: What are you doing SP: (to SS) hold on, (continue talking on the phone) Yeah , its ok i can talk. SS- Looks at SP weirdly SP: yeah im in a good mood....What?!, you left me....for....*someone well known in the troop*(recommended: a young scout).... Oh my?!.....and *an adult known in the troop*....oh my gosh!!.....even *a female adult in the troop* SP hangs up.... looks very sad SS looks at him and ask SS: Whats wrong? SP: She left me......A MESSAGE!!!!....FOR...*all the names mentioned* ( while saying this making him sound very angry.) SS:whats the Message? SP: That *all the names* and *troop name* are the greatest troop in the world *weird Silence* SS: what does that have to do with anything?! SP: i dunno ask your mom SS: why is my mom calling you... SP: because this is your phone SS:Oh...wait why do you have my phone SP:Hey look *points to the opposite side of the area* SS-looks SP-Runs off stage


The Unknown Scout


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