Shaving Creamy


Shaving Creamy


two or three bottles of shaving creme


wear older clothes


this is one of my favorites!! what you do is the two or three scouts get in a line each with a bottle of shving creme and recite the song "shaving creamy, we like shaving, shaving creamy, its our favorite game. the the first scout turns to the second and says "would you like some in you're hand?" then the scout being spoken to says "yes i would love some in my hand" then the first scout puts some cream in the second scouts hand then the scouts give another rousing bout of the chorus followed by the second scout turning to the first (or third) scout and saying would you like some in your _____" which the other one says yes i'd love some in my _______" and then you sing the chorus and you can go on and on get creative "would you like some in your shoe" (or down your shirt, in your shoe, in your mouth(thats always a good one) or whatever) finally to end the skit one scout says to the other "would you like a smiley face""yes i would love a smiley" then the second scout lifts up his shirt and the first draws a smiley face on his stomach.


Ferdinand Tretter


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