A broom, 3 chairs, a large pot, a smaller pot, and a cloth for a head covering. 2 actors who will play 3 parts.


Line the 3 chairs up. Place the large pot on one, the smaller pot on the next, and the cloth on the last.


First Actor: Tonight we would like to add some culture to the program. Straight from a continued run from the finest theaters the world has ever known, we will bring you lines of Shakespeare. Act One Second Actor: (On broomstick as horse) Clipity Clop, Clipity Clop, Clipity Clop, Knock, knock, knock. First Actor: (as doorman) Yes? Second Actor: I've come to marry the princess. First Actor: I'll have to ask the king. (Turn to King) King? Second Actor: (Sits, places pot on head). Yes? First Actor: There is a man at the door who wishes to marry the Princess. Second Actor: I'll have to ask my wife, the Queen. (First Actor moves to center seat and places the smaller pot on head.) Queen? First Actor: (As Queen, with raised voice) Yes? Second Actor: (as King) There is a man at the door who wishes to marry our daughter the Princess. First Actor: (As Queen) Well then we will have to ask her then shant we? (Second Actor moves to third chair and places cloth on head to play princess.) Princess? Second Actor: (As princess with raised voice) Yes? First Actor: (as Queen) There is a man at the door who wishes to marry you. Second Actor: (As princess) Tell him, no thank you. (Move back to King chair) First Actor: (As Queen) I see. (To King) She says no thank you. (Move back to doorman position) Second Actor: I see. (To Doorman) She says no thank you. (Move back to knight on horse). First Actor: (As doorman) I see. (To knight.) She says no thank you. Second Actor: Darn. (Actors switch positions, swapping roles.) (Repeat above moving faster through the roles.) KNight says - Act Two. (repeat scene) Swap roles- Get faster and more chaotic. Act three. Finally at the end of act three when the knight is told "No Thank you" by the doorman. The knight takes the broomstick and says "Then die." They switch and the knight becomes the king and then new knight goes "Then die." Swap Queen and Knight, "Then die." At the Princess... Knight: Princess will you marry me? Princess: Yes!


Ferdinand Tretter


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