Scrambled Eggs


Scrambled Eggs


Flashlight, Cookpot and spoon(opt.), telephone/walkie-talkie(opt.)


Need a camera man, director, two actors, doctor, extras could be used. Practice forms so everyone knows how to act.


Scene: Making a film.  
Director calls action. Scout1 is stirring something in a pot. Scout2 walks up to him.  
Scout2:"What are you doing"  
Scout1:"Making Scrambled Eggs"  
Scout2:"I love scrambled eggs, can I have some"  
Scout2 takes some eggs from Scout1 and collapses. Scout1 calls for a doctor. Doctor arrives and declares Scout2 dead.  
Director cuts the action then starts to complain about the acting. Suggests other ways to do the scene.(slower, faster, singing styles, old western, and anything else he can come up with).  
Repeat the scene in that form. After about doing this three or four times, the director declares the scene a success. Everyone starts to celebrate. The director tells the cameraman he wants the film in his office. The cameraman then relizes that he does not have any film in the camera, cast chases him off stage.  
Variation: In the begining, the cameraman relizes he has run out of batteries. The director is to busy to listen to him, so he tells the audience and then sits in the first row and watches until the end when the director finally realizes he is missing.


Matthew Reynolds


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