Scouts and Indians


Scouts and Indians


One Tent; Two people people who will be the scouts, and anywhere from 1 - 10 people who will be indians. Only one of the indians has a speaking part.


Set up the tents, find a good place to hide all of the indians


It begins when the two scouts walk on, acting tired. (Yawning, stretching, etc.)Then Scout 1 says, "Well , (Scout 2's Name), I think it's about time we settled down and went to sleep. Scout 2 agrees, and then Scout 1 goes offstage and comes back on with the small tent. Scout 2 says, "Well, I think that it is such a nice night, I want to sleep under the peaceful stars." Scout 1 says, "Okay, but I've brought this tent and I intend to use it." Then the two say goodnight, Scout No. 1 gets into the tent and zips it up, but Scout No. 2 lays down on the ground. About five seconds later, the "Indians" leap out of the hiding place and surround him, pretending to clobber him mercilessly. They all run away after about 8 seconds of this beating. Scout No. 2. gets up from the ground after the clobbering and runs to the tent, yelling "Help!" Scout No. 1 comes out of the tent. "What's all of this racket?"  
Scout No. 2 explains what happened. The first scouts tells him that he's imagining things, and to go back to bed. He does, and the same thing happens. Again, the first Scout tells him to go back to bed. He does, and it happens again.  
This time, Scout no. 1 is fed up and tells him, "Listen, to prove to you that there are no indians around, I'LL sleep outside, and YOU can have the tent." The 2nd Scout agrees, and they switch places. The first scout falls asleep and the indians jump out to surround him. But then, the indian chief stops them. He says, "We've gotten this guy so many times, let's get the one in the tent!"  


Ferdinand Tretter


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