Write A Very Funny Letter from Camp

This mad lib (or Scout Lib) creates a VERY humorous letter, written from the perspective of a Scout to his/her parents from camp. Use the form below to enter the names of your scouts and leaders, and then click "Write My Letter". Sit back and enjoy a good laugh. Copy the letter for use in Troop newsletters, read at a Pack Meeting or Court of Honor, Roundtable, or use in other communications. Guaranteed to make you laugh (or atleast smile), or your money back! (Oh wait, this is free...)
If you do not have enough names for the form, you may reuse names.

Click here to preview a sample of the letter with generic names.

Camp Name  e.g. Steiner
Date of Letter  e.g. 18-Jul-2018
ScoutMaster  e.g. Powell
Assistant ScoutMaster  e.g. Rockwell
Scout 1  e.g. John
Scout 2 
Scout 3 
Scout 4 
Scout 5 
Scout 6 
Adult 1  e.g. Mr. Hakes
Adult 2 
Adult 3 
Adult 4 
Author (You)  e.g. Your Son