Scout Vespers


Scout Vespers


Verse 1: C G C Softly falls the light of day, F G C As our campfire fades away. C G C Silently each scout should ask: F G C "Have I done my daily task? Am Dm Have I kept my honor bright? G7 C Can I guiltless sleep tonight? C G A7 Have I done and have I dared, F G C Everything to be prepared?" Verse 2 (repeat chords from verse 1) Listen Lord, O listen Lord, As I whisper soft and low. Bless my mom and bless my dad, There is something they ought to know. I will keep my honor bright, The oath and law will be my guide. Mom and dad this you should know, Deep in my heart I love you so. ------------------------------ If you’d like an advanced arrangement or chord melody arrangement of this song, send an email request to: Please type "Scout Song" in the subject heading of your email.

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Timothy Stoll


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