Scout Stew


Scout Stew


1/4 lb. - lean beef per Scout (Beef stew meat, hamburger, etc.) 1 - medium-large potato per Scout (chopped to bite size) 1 - chopped large onion (yellow, Spanish, white, red - you choose) 1-2 - chopped carrots per Scout 1-2 - chopped celery stalks per Scout 1 - packet of Onion soup mix or beef stew mix 4-6 strips of bacon cut up or a few Table Spoon's of any cooking oil Various spices to taste (Season salt, salt, celery salt, pepper, paprika, bay leave, etc. - you decide)


Dutch oven or Large mess kit pot


1.) Heat pot or Dutch oven. 2.) Add bacon and cook until done. Leave the bacon in the pan. This is now the oil needed to brown the beef and keep everything from sticking (Alternately use a few Table Spoon's of any cooking oil). 3.) Add beef and cook until brown on all sides. 4.) Add about a 1/4 of the potatoes and briefly brown. (Why are we only cooking a 1/4 of the potatoes now you ask? The potatoes contain starches that will help naturally thicken the sauce). 5.) Add packet of onion soup mix or beef stew mix and just enough water to cover ingredients. 6.) Cover and boil (simmer if possible) for 30 minutes. 7.) Check flavor and season as required. 8.) Add remaining ingredients and a cup of water. 9.) Cover and boil (simmer if possible) for 30 minutes. 10.) Remove cover and check consistency. If it is watery leave cover off and boil for another 15 minutes or add a little flour or Bisquick to thicken the sauce. If you don't have any flour throw a slice of bread in and stir.


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Serve with a slice or two of bread to soak up the juices. Mmmmmm good. Try adding a variety of different veggies (peas, peppers - (green, yellow, red, purple), rutabaga, tomatoes, eggplant, etc. to liven it up bit. Try adding a can or two of Pork and beans for a Cowboy Scout Stew. For a health conscious version try using Chicken breast instead of Beef. For a kicked up Cajun Ken special Stew add some Andoule sausage, okra, Cajun seasoning and a bottle of Tabasco (OK - maybe just a few dashes). BAM. Now were talking. Bon Appétit


Ken Knoff


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