Scout Public Service Announcement


Scout Public Service Announcement


Den Leader (dressed as a television reporter) Microphone Den Chief Any number of Tiger Scouts


A Public Service Announcement. Use during Blue and Gold Ceremonies. Fulfills Elective #20 for Tigers. Takes into account Packs that use the orange t-shirt as the Tiger uniform (omit if needed). It helps if each Tiger’s lines are typed or printed on an index card. Below are examples, for 14 boys (generic, add specifics to suit your needs). Add more lines, take some away or rearrange to make a conversation. Each Tiger should create his own line (for Elective #20). The point of each of the Tiger’s lines is to tell why they like Tiger Cubs or why others should join. They should say something important about Cub Scouting. The Den Chief creates his own lines to encourage Cub Scouts to join the Boy Scouts.


Reporter: This is Scoop Reporter coming to you live from Channel (Pack Number), reporting on the strange phenomenon of a bunch of boys wearing orange t-shirts. Look (pointing at Den Chief); there is one of their leaders. Let’s find out from him. Reporter: (To Den Chief) Who are these boys? Den Chief: They are Tiger Cub Scouts. Reporter: What do they do? Den Chief: Ask them. Reporter: (to each Tiger Cub, in turn) Why do you like being a Tiger Cub? Tiger #1: We get to learn things and have fun. Reporter: And you? Tiger #2: I learned to do the army crawl. Reporter: So, it sounds like army school!? Tiger #3: No, we get to do other things, like go to Sports games. Reporter: Wow, so you get to go on field trips? Tiger #4: Yeah, we went on a hike once. Reporter: So where do I sign-up? Tiger #5: You’re tooooo old! But, we do get to make new friends. Reporter: Who can be a Tiger Cub? Tiger #6: Boys in first grade. Reporter: I guess I am too old. Why should other boys join? Tiger #7: To sing. Reporter: To sing!? I thought you went to meetings and on field trips! Tiger #8: And, to Police Stations. Reporter: You were arrested? Tiger #9: No that was a field trip. We call them Go-See-Its. Reporter: Go figure. So, what are all the beads for? Tiger #10: We earned these awards to become Tiger Cubs. Reporter: Wow, you get awards too. I’ll bet it’s hard work Tiger #11: Yeah, you have to obey the Law of the Pack. Reporter: So, what is the orange t-shirt for? Tiger #12: That’s our uniform! Reporter: So there are more of you wearing orange t-shirts? Tiger #13: No, those other guys wear blue shirts. Reporter: (pointing at Den Chief) But I see some wearing tan shirts!? Tiger #14: He’s our Den Chief, a Boy Scout! Reporter: (to Den Chief) So you’re a Boy Scout and a leader. Can you help our audience understand all this? Den Chief: (Den Chief creates his own lines; time it to be short and to the point; summarizing and ending the conversation about Tiger Cubs, then encouraging Cub Scouts to become Boy Scouts.) Reporter: (Optional) So, these orange t-shirt wearing boys are part of Scouting, and they get to do some pretty amazing things. That concludes our report. This is Scoop Reporter…Back to you (Cubmaster or MC).


Tony Hanlon


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