Scout Cake Bake


Scout Cake Bake

Baking cakes and homemade goodies


Have each scout make and decorate a cake.(We do this at Halloween)Because of the theme.But can be used any time. Have scout parents/friends/relatives/teachers/firemen/policemen/etc. Make baked goods such as cookies-Bars-Breads-Pies-Brownies,they donate to your cub or boy scouts. Have an auctioneer come and several non bias judges from your community.Let just the scouts cakes be judges in several catagories such as creepiest cake,best themed cake,smallest cake,etc. Have judges lay the ribbons beside the cakes and then allow public to view and scouts and parents.Then after the viewing have the cake auctioneer auction each cake and baked goods.Its alot of fun,it gives a sense of accomplishment to the scouts and it helps the pack or troop with funds.I had my entire community involved and we made over 500.00.Most of all its great fun.

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