School Night for Cub Scouts


School Night for Cub Scouts


toy animal, pinewood derby car, background of a house door.  


Get two boys of cub scout age, one boy of tiger age, one father and one mother.  


John-wolf scout  
Bobby-2nd grader  
Lucas-1st grader  
Mike-John's dad & den leader  
Sandy-Bobby & Lucas's mom  
(John is walking back from the busstop on a Monday after school in his cub scout uniform, when along comes Bobby)  
Bobby: Hi John, why are you wearing that uniform?  
John: This is my cub scout uniform and tonight is my scout meeting, so I wore it to school today.  
Bobby: What kind of things so you so at scout meetings?  
John: Well we built birdhouses one night, we built these cars one nightt and we are racing them tonight.(pull out PWD car). We have also read this book and learned alot of things. We went ice skating last winter, and camping a few times over the year. We get to do a lot of fun things, you ought to come tonight if you can.  
Mike: Well John, it is time to go to scouts. Are you ready?  
John: Just a minute dad, Bobby is going to ask his mom if he can come too. Is that okay?  
Mike: Sure, we'll wait another few minutes.  
Bobby: (running into the house) MOM!! Can I go to scouts with John tonight? They are racing these cool cars that they all made. Can I please go?  
Sandy: Sure you can go, but only if you take your little brother.  
Lucas: (walking in with toy in hand) Where are we going?  
Bobby: We are going to Cub Scouts with John from up the street.  
Lucas: Can I be a Cub Scout too?  
John: Sure!! I think that they call your age group Tigers? They don't wear uniforms like this one, they wear these cool orange t-shirts with paw prints all over them.  
(Soon after this, all three boys arrive at scout. After the race everyone stood around and said the Cub Scout Promise and Law, and then they prayed.)  
Bobby & Lucas: This sure has been lots of fun, we would like to do this kind of stuff all of the time.  
Mike: Great fellas!! Here is some information about our Pack to take home to your mom. We hope you come back to join us again next week.  
(Later the next week, all three boys abd both parents show up at scouts, in uniform. They all have fun playing games and doing activities geared toward their badge of rank.  


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