Scentsy Wickless Fundraiser


Scentsy Wickless Fundraiser

Looking for a unique fundraising idea for your favorite youth group or community organization? Sure, you could put on another bake sale, carwash, or auction — but why not try something different? A Scentsy Fundraiser is a fun, easy, and profitable alter


How to get started Set a fundraising goal together. Contact Stephanie MacCartney, Independent Scentsy Consultant, (Western Pennsylvania/Morgantown/Wheeling, WV areas) who will guide and support you (Help find a local consultant in your area) and your organization through every step of the process. They’ll even make sure you have the latest Scentsy Fundraising catalog, featuring products and fragrances specifically suited to fundraising drives. 724-627-3444 or 724-350-0744 *Participant Rewards Online shopping toward fundraiser for those with out-of-state family members and friends. Fundraising participants will earn 25% of product sales (derived from the Consultant’s commissions) for their sponsoring organization or group. Percentages are based on the volume of Scentsy products sold. Hosting a Scentsy Fundraiser is rewarding in other ways, too — nothing builds a sense of community and team spirit like working together toward a common goal for a good cause.

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