Sand in your Ears


Sand in your Ears


Water in bottle


4-12 people (preferably 5 persons and up) Right before lining up on stage, a person at the end of the line takes a drink of water and holds it in mouth. Make sure it is unnoticable and the person can keep it there for at least a minute (or minute and a half depending on size of group, for the amount of time doing skit)


The people line up (last person with water in mouth; make sure audience doesn't notice)and first person has a water bottle in hand. The first person in line announces to audience, Person 1: Now, what seems to be a problem when going to the beach is that you get sand ALL over you. One of the most difficult areas to remove the sand is in your ears, so we are here to show you how WE get it out. Person 1 takes sip of water and swallows it but makes it looks like he or she didn't and pretends to spit water through the person beside his/her's ear. (this can be done by blowing right next to head in ear.) This action goes down the line until finally someone blows in the last person's ear. (participants in line can pretend to gargle or swish around the fake water without revealing the trick) When the last person's ear is blown, he/she spits out water in front of his or her self on the ground leaving the audience amazed and in awe. END OF SKIT


Katie Gibson


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