Run-on - You're barking down from the wrong tree


Run-on - You're barking down from the wrong tree


2 scouts, 1 with a strong voice that will go up the tree, and a tree near the site, about 20-30 feet tall, like a pine tree. -OR- you can just have the tree scout




both scouts walk on stage into the skit ring at the campfire, they start talking, the one that will "go" up the tree says "that was some pretty bad rain last month" ground scout says "i know, i hope it doesn't rain here, or at least if we knew if it was coming" tree'd scout says "yeah, we dont have a weather satellite to tell the weather because there isnt any electricity here....I got it! ill clime up the tree to see the clouds!" ground scout says "okay". the treed scout will stand in the woods or be out of site, like sitting behind the tree, until the very last part, when he will "fall" This part ends, the other skits go on, after 2 or 3: ground scout walks on stage or campfire ring, and yells "hey, can you see from up there?" tree scout says "im still climbing, im a quarter of the way up" This part ends, now between all skits untill this one ends, the ground scout says the same thing, with the tree scout saying, in order, "im about halfway up" "Im tired, but im almost there" Then on the last one: the other scout says "you have been climbing that tree for ages, how tall is the thing?" tree scout says "ummm, wait let me get my altimeter...3,000 feet" other scout says " ground scout says "What? but the trees here only grow up to 50 feet!" tree scout says "Oh no!" tree scout yells like hes falling, ground scout says "Nooo! ill take you to the first aid tent, dont move, your bones might be broken!" then the ground scout drags him through the main part of the stage or campfire ring, taking him to the "first aid tent", in effect ending the run-on skit.


James Dean


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