Run on: Taking my Case to Court


Run on: Taking my Case to Court


Brief case and 2 or 3 scouts.


One scout off stage with brief case and 1 or 2 scouts on stage from the last event that just happened.


As the scouts converse from the last skit, 1 or 2 stick around and the scout with the case(offstage) begins to walk by the scouts. The scouts ask him what he is doing and he says, "I'm taking my case to court," and he walks off the other side of the stage. Run on: Part 2 Scout with case now holding over his head walks by. Scouts ask him what he is doing now and he replies, "Taking my case to a higher court." Run on: Part 3 Scout sulks slowly by depressed feeling, WITHOUT BRIEF CASE. Other scouts ask what is going on. He replies, "I lost my case."


Ferdinand Tretter


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