Run on - Tag


Run on - Tag


2 scouts and a stick.




One scout runs from the back of the audience, through the stage or campfire area, yelling, “He’s after me, he’s after me!” and runs off. Seconds later, a second scout runs through, brandishing a large stick. Later on, the first scout runs through again, yelling, “He’s after me!” while looking behind him fearfully, and this time the second scout is much closer behind him, holding the stick above his head. They both run off, one chasing the other. The third time the scout comes through, yelling, “He’s after me!” but this time pretends to trip and fall. He lays there, cringing in fear. The second scout comes running up, holds the stick up as though to hit him, but then gently touches the first scout with the end of the stick, says, “Tag, you’re it!” and drops the stick. The first scout picks up the stick and runs after the second scout.


Mary Witmer


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