Run-On: Star Wars


Run-On: Star Wars


A toy light-sabre


One of the two people have to be prepared to trip on purpose and make it look as though it hurts.


First person runs across stage screaming and yelling for his life! Second person runs with the light-sabre after him after a couple more skits(remember this is a run on) person one is now chasing person two with Light-sabre. Repeat in any dead space throughout the campfire or program. At the very end of the program whoever should have ended without the light-sabre runs on stage and trips half way across, turns and faces(while still on the ground) his on-coming attacker with the light-sabre. He with the light-sabre raises it high as though to strike, brings the light-sabre down and lightly tapping the person on the ground says in an accusing tone, "You're it!"


Maynard Ferguson


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