Royal Papers

Royal Papers

Royal Papers


two bundles of miscellaneous papers, one roll of toilet paper. A crown for the "king" is a nice touch.


One scout is seated, three others offstage


A scout, playing the king, is seated in the center of the stage/campfire area. He cries out for his royal papers, and the first servant comes onstage bearing a small stack of papers. The king looks over them and throws them to the ground, exclaiming angrily that these are NOT the royal papers. He again cries out for someone to bring his royal papers. A second servant comes with more papers. The king looks at them and again throws them to the ground, berating his servants for their ignorance. He again cries for his royal papers. Third servant comes onstage and hands the king a roll of toilet paper. The king gleefully cries, My royal papers!" and all run offstage.


Royal Papers

Royal Papers Royal Papers


Joseph Goodwin


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