Royal Fruit


Royal Fruit






Must have at least 3 fruit bearers, one of which carrying "raisins." Plus a king and a guard. King: Bring me my royal fruit! Fruit Bearer 1: here are your royal apples, your majesty. King: Bleeach! these are awful! Guard, take him to th dungeon. (Guard drags fruit bearer 1 to the imaginary dungeon) this process is repeated 2-4 times using different fruits until there is only 1 fruit bearer remaining. King: Bring me my royal fruit! fruitbearer 2: here are your royal raisins, your majesty. King: these raisins are delicious, bring me more tomorrow. (the next day) fruit bearer 2 enters crying hysterically. King: why are you crying, and why don't you have my raisins? Fruit bearer 2: My rabit died! King: OK, but why don't you have my raisins? fruit bearer 2: I just told you, my rabbit died! (king Acts as though he might vomit)


Ferdinand Tretter


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