Route 22


Route 22


Two boxes or something to imply two separate cars (optional).


Five people needed. Four people in one box, and one in the other.


Narrator: A highway patrol man noticed that there was a car going 22 miles an hour. Patrol: Oh man! These cars going too slow are just as bad as the ones speeding. (The people in the car need to be walking very slow. Patrol man drives up in his "car" and stops the other car. Patrol gets out of car and walks over to the other car. Everyone in the car except the driver needs to have horrified faces.) Driver: Hello officer, is anything wrong? Patrol: I noticed that you are going very slow. Is everything alright? You're only going 22 miles an hour. Driver: Oh no, everything is fine and we're going the right speed limit you see?(points to sign that says route 22.) Patrol: No sir. 22 is the the route name.(looks at passengers.)You know, your passengers haven't said anything at all yet. Are they okay? Driver: Oh don't worry about them sir. They'll be fine in a little while. We just got off of route 198! Contributed by Ben Sexton. Troop 119


Ferdinand Tretter


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