Rough Riders


Rough Riders


None needed, a tent if you're feeling fancy.


There needs to be one open area and some distance in all directions, as well as space for people to run on and off the stage.


Skit begins with two hikers (one rough and mean, one meek and whiny) walking into the middle of the "stage". The whiny hiker complains that they need to rest for the night, and the mean hiker, after a short argument, eventually decides to allow it. Only having one tent, the whiny hiker is forced to sleep outside. After the two have fallen asleep, four voices are heard from the distance (each announcing "From the North/South/East/West" respectively in turn, preferably from four different directions). One of them screams, "We are the Rough Riders!" and the four run in, beat up the whiny scout, then run away again. The whiny scout wakes up and gets the mean one, who tells him that it was a dream and to go back to sleep. They do so, and the whole thing happens again, this time with one of the riders stealing his shoe. Terrified, the whiny scout convinces the mean scout to trade places so he has the tent. Once again the Riders rush in, but stop before attacking the now-outside mean scout. One Rider says, "Hold it, what are we thinking? We never got the guy in the tent!" and proceed to pummel him again. [END]


Tim Atchison


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