Robin Wood


Robin Wood


logs near fire pit, a robin hood type hat, and possibly a bow for effect.


This skit works best when woven in between other skits at campfire. The Master of Ceramonies (M.C.) should introduce the other skits as this one is taking place


While M.C. is talking and introducing the next skit the robber walks out and takes a twig from the wood pile near the fire, sneaks off looking stealthy in a humorous manner(tip toe, hide behind branch, etc.). MC looks and shrugs it off and continues with the ceremony. 2nd time,between the next skits: Robber comes out as MC is talking and steals a larger stick. MC gives him an angry look but continues with ceremony. 3rd time. Robber comes out and steals a small log or large branch. MC: That’s really starting to bug me, yell next time that you see that weirdo.We should catch him in the act. 4th time Robber tries to take a large log, strains to drag it off. Audience should be yelling that they see him. MC: Hey you! Stop that we’re trying to do a campfire here! You keep stealing branches and twigs and now a log. Who do you think you are? Robber: I’m Robbin’ Wood! (for added laughs add “Prince of trees” or “I rob from the birch and give to the sycamore”)


Ferdinand Tretter


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