Rings A Bell


Rings A Bell


None, unless you want to dress up like an old man and make a bell and a small tower as props.




Old Man: Hey there, come with me to help me to be my apprentice. I've been ringing this bell for 50 years. (Leads the passerby up the stairs by walking in circles until he reaches the imaginary top.) Passerby: Wow! This is a long climb, old man. Old Man: It sure is. Finally, were here! Now, pay very close attention to this. If you don't follow my directions in the right order, you will get hurt. This is what you do: You push (the bell), duck (the bell), gong (the bell rings). Do ya got that? Passerby: Ya, I do. Old Man: Are you ready? Passerby: Yes, I am. Old Man: Okay, try it. And remember, push, duck gong. Passerby: Push, Gong, Duck...Wow.... Old Man: Oh my gosh! Are you alright? Passerby: I think so. Old Man: Okay, are you ready to try again? Passerby: Ya. Push, Gong, Duck...Wow Old Man: Oh my gosh! Are you alright? (Repeat 2 more times) The last time, the apprentice will go push, gong, duck and fall over the edge of the tower. Old Man yells and runs in circles down to the bottom of the tower. He rushers over to the man lying on his back and yells for a medic. When the medic comes, he asks the old man who this guy is. The old man replies: Well, his face sure rings a bell.


The Unknown Scout


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