this is a call and response song, the call and response is with every half a line. "the princess pat" "lived in a tree" etc. The Princess Pat lived in a tree She sailed across the 7 seas She sailed across the Channel, too and brought with her a Rigabamboo a Rigabamboo, now what is that? It's something made by the Princess Pat It's red and gold and purple too, that's why it's called a Rigabamboo Now Captain Jack had a mighty fine crew They sailed across the channel, too But their ship sank and yours will too Unless you bring a Rigabamboo (chorus) Now Captain Kirk, he was no jerk And Mister Spock, he was no jock But their ship flew, and yours will too If you bring a Rigabamboo (chorus)


all of these go for every time the words show up. princess pat = "walk like an egyptian" type sideways dance "sailed across" = watery wiggly hand motion "seven seas" = 7 fingers, then a C with one hand "channel too" = make a column going down with your hands, then hold 2 fingers up "rigabamboo" = invent a crazy motion "what is that" = hold your hands out like "what?" "it's red and gold" = wave your finger in a circle on one side "and purple too" = wave it on the other side "that's why it's called" = scream this line with hands cupped around mouth "captain jack" = exageratted salute "mighty fine crew" = kind of robot motions with arms "their ship sank" = do the swim! hold your nose and wave your arms, you know. "and yours will too" = point, then hold up 2 fingers "unless you bring" = wag finger "captain kirk" = mock salute "he was no jerk" = wave finger "and mister spock" = the live long & prosper hand sign "but their ship flew" = make one hand go wooosh like a rocket taking off "if you bring" = hands on hip, wave finger, w/e you can call/response the "THAT'S WHY IT'S CALLED" in the last chorus 2 or 3 times to get kids excited.

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this song is so much fun, i'm amazed it wasn't on here already. i actually learned it from 4H camp though. shhh.




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