Red Pants


Red Pants


Note- this might be a little inappropriate for some people so you should get it screened 5 scouts, long stick or mop


two scouts kneel down and hold their fists in front of them. these are the cannons. another scout is the captain, another swabby and the last is the 1st mate


SCOUT 1 (captain):Ahh, another great day on board my ship; the swabby is swabbing(scout w/mop mops floor) the guns are gunning(cannons "fire") and the first mate is... first-mating! 1ST MATE: captain there is a ship approaching with 10 guns. CAPTAIN: 10? well their 10 guns are no match for our state-of-the-art ones!fire! and bring me my red pants!(guns fire. this can be fun; the guns should fire in different ways e.g. lasers,cannons,bazookas.) CAPTAIN: swabby,keep swabbing!(swabby gets back to work. this can happen many times during the skit.) 1ST MATE: the ship is destroyed!(guns keep firing) shut up, guns! (they are silent for a while and let off a loud BOOM!) 1ST MATE:Sir there is a ship approaching with...20 guns. CAPTAIN: they're no match for our state-of-the-art ones! fire,and bring me my red pants! 1ST MATE: (as the captain is putting on imaginary pants) why do you always wear red pants during battle? CAPTAIN: if I were to get wounded during battle, the pants will hide any blood that might scare my crew. (ship is sunk; guns continue firing) CAPTAIN: not again. 1ST MATE:(scared) captain,there's a ship approaching. CAPTAIN:how many guns? 1ST MATE:(looks high up and counts) 571.5,sir. CAPTAIN: (looks up) oh, dear. (all the crew is scared) CAPTAIN: i think this will call for my brown pants.


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