Chicken and Rice Recipe



2 cups uncooked white rice
 <br>pad of "Nucoa" or butter buds(nucoa does not contain dairy products so doesn't have to be refrigerated)
 <br>large tuna size can of solid pack chicken, turkey or tuna w/ gravy. If can't find w/ gravy buy package of chicken or gravy mix.


#10 can with wire handle
 <br>large spoon
 <br>plate from BSA mess kit to cover can


This recipe works great over a campfire.
 <br>Prepare rice according to directions. Use a little less water than required so rice will cook up firm. Add can of chicken and gravy or mix package gravy.
 <br>Mix with butter and season with pepper.
 <br>Should feed 4.

CommentMy scouts really enjoy this after hiking all day.

Recipe ContributorDave Edmonds


Date Entered05-Mar-2001

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