Smoked Chicken or Turkey Recipe



Whole chicken or turkey
 <br>No Seasoning needed as hickor chips season gives it the flavor.


1)Bundit pan or 3 metal stakes put together as tripod
 <br>2) Hickory Chips
 <br>3)5 Gallan metal bucket with bottom cut out and wholes in side next to the top.
 <br>Can you a small metal garbage can and lid works to put coals in.


Using coals or chips over coals or charocoal place chicken or tukey over bundit pan or tripod legs down. Cover with can. Check every 45 minutes adding coals and hickory chips as needed. (Chicken takes about 1 1/2 hrs and 12lb turkey 3 1/2 hours..test by pushing fork in breast..when it comes out easly it is done.

CommentFor a change try this without the hickory chips and rub the lemom pepper spice on and inside the bird well. So simple but unbeliverable the cooking contest it will win.

Recipe ContributorAS Ward


Date Entered05-Mar-2001

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