Hamburger Stew Recipe



2 lbs hamburger
 <br>2 carrots cut in to wheels
 <br>2 potatoes cubed
 <br>1 medium white onion cut into rings
 <br>beau monde (spice)
 <br>salt and pepper to taste


frying pan, spatula something to boil water in


Put carrots and potatoes in the boiling water a half an hour before you cook your hamburger. Brown hamburger. Drain. put onion rings over hamburger. let cook until wilted and soft. Mix together and let simmer or if on a wood fire set to the side of a grill. Add beau monde, salt and pepper every time you can't smell the beau monde (it is very potent and do this for 5 minutes serve immediately. Serves 4-5

CommentThis has been in my troop for generations and is a favorite but now because of weight and compactability constraints we have to only have this at scout camp.

Recipe ContributorAaron Chapin


Date Entered05-Mar-2001

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