Dutch Oven Lasagna Recipe



1 #10 spaghetti sauce
 <br>5 lbs hamburger
 <br>3 lbs hot sausage
 <br>5 lbs mozzarella cheese
 <br>2 large containers of cottage cheese
 <br>6 eggs
 <br>2 lbs lasagna noodles


14" dutch oven
 <br>10" skillet
 <br>large pot


brown meat, drain, set aside
 <br>mix cottage cheese and eggs and set aside
 <br>boil noodles
 <br>Building the lasagna:
 <br>in layers place meat,cheeses,& noodles
 <br>when dutch oven is about full pour in spaghetti sauce
 <br>put remaining cheese on top
 <br>cover and cook about 45 min on charcoal or hot coals, top & bottom
 <br>serve with garlic bread
 <br>serves about 12 hungry scouts

Commentcan add hot peppers if desired
 <br>also good if served with jalapeno pepper biscuits

Recipe ContributorBill Kes


Date Entered05-Mar-2001

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