Your Choice Cake Dessert Recipe



-Yellow or Chocolate cake mix.
-Your choice of fruit fillings.
-Your choice of candy or stuff that tastes good.
-Cup of water


-Dutch Oven
-PAM Cooking Grease or something of the kind.


1.) Spray the PAM around the dutch oven.
2.) Dump the cake mix into the dutch oven.
3.) Place water into the dutch oven.
4.) Place in your fruit or fruit filling.
5.) Put in your candy or stuff that you think tastes good.
6.) Put the dutch oven on a fire. Make sure that it is on a fairly hot fire.
1.) On a really really really really really hot fire, it could take as long as only 20-25 minutes.
2.) On a so, so fire, it could take from 30-35 minutes.
3.) USE THIS TRICK!! Check up on the dutch oven periodically. (Maybe every 3-5 minutes). Place the toothpick in the middle of the cake. If it is clean, then it is done. If not, let it sit on the fire a bit longer. ALSO, LOOK FOR THE GOLDEN BROWN-NESS OF THE CAKE!!!

CommentThis is so awesome. It tastes so darn good. Try it. You will love it.

Troop 2 recommends that you...
1. Use vanilla cake mix.
2. Use apple fruit filling or even cut up apples.
3. Use M & M's and chocolate candies.
4. Use sprinkles of some kind.

Recipe ContributorTroop 2 Mahopac, NY


Date Entered02-Jan-2008

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