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1/4 lb of ground beef/turkey per person
 <br>2 tbls butter
 <br>2 tbls flour
 <br>1 cup milk
 <br>salt & pepper to taste
 <br>1 tbls oil


A large deep fry pan
 <br>1 small saute pan
 <br>a rack to make toast on


heat & oil pan
 <br>fry ground beef & drain off fat
 <br>in saute pan, melt butter & add flour
 <br>to make a paste, bring paste to a bubble. It must boil, or it won't work right. Meanwhile in the large pan, add milk & heat through, add your butter and flour paste to the milk & ground beef, keep heating and stirring until it bubbles, as it heats it will thicken. Pour over toast. A hot and hearty breakfast, also great with home fried potatoes.

CommentThis meal was prepared on a propane stove. It could be prepared over coals or wood fire, but you need to get the pans away from the heat source to prevent scorching of the milk and butter.

Recipe ContributorConnie Bittle


Date Entered05-Mar-2001

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