Easy Breakfast Burritos Recipe



Eggs, Pre-cooked sausage, onions, peppers, cheese, anything you would like to add to scrambled eggs, tortillas


Plastic freezer baggies, pot of boiling water


Crack your eggs and drop them into the plastic baggie. Add the other ingredients (except cheese) you want in your scrambled eggs (don't forget salt and pepper). Seal the bag, write your name on it, drop it in boiling water. While it's boiling, take tortillas out of the bag, wrap in tinfoil. Add an ice cube or some water, and then set near (but not on) coals. Once baggie floats, it's done - dump onto warmed tortilla, add cheese, roll up, and you're eating.

CommentNice way to feed everyone a warm meal on the last day of a campout. Only need a pot of boiling water to do it.

Recipe Contributorunknown scout


Date Entered19-Mar-2007

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