Spicy Corned Beef Recipe



3Lb Corned Beef, 6 Peeled spuds, 2 onions roughly sliced. A bag of baby carrots, a jar of Trappies Peppers, and a head of green cabbage.


Dutch Oven


Drain Corned Beef of Juices from original bag. Make sure to save the spice package. Put Corned Beef in dutch oven and cover with water to top of brisquet, throw in jar of Trappies Peppers and slice up onion over pot, toss in potatoes peeled of course, and baby carrots. Put pot in the coals and not in the direct fire. Place some coals on top of recessed lid and let cook for 3 hours. Check every now and then for liquid content, add water if needed. You can't over-cook this as it gets tastier and more tender the more it is cooked! There is no waste as the left over Corned Beef and Spuds make a good hash.

CommentEnjoy That Dutch Oven!

Recipe ContributorCJ Gerschler


Date Entered04-Aug-2006

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