Dutch Oven Cobbler Recipe



Peaches (or whichever kind of fruit you like)
cinnamon sticks
muffin topping


Dutch Oven
charcoal,( or good coals from a hot fire)


Dig a small pit away from the fire just enough. Place charcoal in and light on fire. If your not using charcoal, remove from main fire hot coals,( embers) from fire and place in bottom of pit. Open your can(s) of fruit and drain most of the juice from them. Place fruit in the dutch oven, and add 2-3 cinnamon sticks. Then mix up muffin topping,( plain,blueberry,raspberry) and place on top. Do not make topping to runny, as this will not cook properly. Then add muffin topping to dutch oven. Place lid on, and put into the pit, when the charcoal is ready. If your not using charcoal, place in pit when you have moved embers from main fire. Then add another layer of Charcoal on top of the dutch oven, and cook for 35-45 minutes. Occationally check, but be careful as not to spill ashes into cobler. When done remove and enjoy!


Recipe ContributorMaynard Ferguson


Date Entered05-Mar-2001

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